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 Dec.  2011 History of NOAA 

Did you ever wonder how NOAA or the NWS came to be ?

Did You Know;

NOAA was implemented by President Richard Nixon in 1970 

Separate pieces, each with a rich history, joined together to make NOAA.

Many of NOAA's components have 19th century origins.


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Picture By: NOAA / NWS

July 2011: Lightning Safety

This is the the time of year for outdoor activities and inclement weather. 

Did you know:

Florida  is ranked the  #1 state in lighting related injuries and  fatalities !

Lightning can  strike for many miles out from the storm that is approaching or has past !

It is not the rubber tires on your car that protects you from lighting !


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Picture By: NOAA / NWS

 August 2011Heat Index

With  recent  high temps and humidity, outdoor activities can become dangerous.

Did you know: 

Heat is the number one weather-related killer in the US !

High temperatures combined with high humidity can reach very dangerous "apparent  temperatures"


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Picture By: NOAA SLOSH Manual

 Sept  2011Storm Surge  

With  recent Hurricane Irene and the associated mass flooding, we tend to forget the dangers of coastal living.

Did you know: 

The storm surge moves with the forward speed of the hurricane !

The wind-driven water moving at 10 - 15 mph has tremendous power !

A cubic yard of sea water weighs almost a ton !



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 Nov.  2011 Clouds  

 With all the recent rain, did you ever wonder how to read clouds to know what the weather will be ?

 Did You Know;

Clouds are classified by altitude and shape. 

 Clouds can indicate types of weather yet to come.

 Clouds, like people, have a "Life Cycle".



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