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 a note.

KI4GTV Writes:
Hi Ray,

In an article on today's Jacksonville Times-Union webpage ( I found a link to the Santa Claus Net ( and wanted to let you know that there's a typo.  On the top of the page you see:
Sata Claus Net Information - which is missing the 'n' in Santa.  Just thought you'd like to know since you'll probably be getting some extra traffic due to the news article.   :-)


P.S. Awesome job with the Santa Claus Net!!!
KI4GTV Writes:

I went to the new site and it's great!!  As are all of you who do this for the kids.  Good on ya!!   :-)   And I hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year also. 
73, Madeline

WA4LWS Writes:

Read with interest the article in today's TU and have some warm memories of the program while stationed in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba 1972-1977.

My neighbor / friend a member of the USCG also a Ham provided the service for children on the base each year he was stationed there.

His call was KG4CG as all Hams operating there had to use the KG4 prefix. His stateside call was WA5UKG. My interest in his hobby led me to study for the exam and earn my license. We both were very active on the MMSN even at times acting as net control. Then it was operating on 14.313.
Now at 73 my station is down, equipment all needs replacing and now no need for phone patching, my favorite part of operating. Back then there was basically no other means for families to contact service members stationed there.
Enough on my story, just like to say I understand why you do it and think more reconnection should be given. Keep up the good work.
Gene Lang
KJ4YZE Writes:

Due to a prior engagement, I was unable to help Ray WX4PBC with this years net. Each night Ray would recount the nights events. As a mother, wife and radio amateur, I am not sure who gets the most out of this very special net. Is it the children, the adults and or the "Hams"..Well I guess it is not important. People are what is important and that is who the net is all about. We did get our niece on the air with Santa. Now she wants to talk to him every day.

Ray is already planning how to get more children involved for next year. This year he put up a new Mosley 32A antenna for the net..Children at play...Merry Christmas and a special  thanks for those who participate each year as net control and those who take the time to be involved with the children.


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