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Hurricane Expo 2012




The Palm Beach County SKYWARN participated in the 2012 Hurricane Expo held on June 16th,2012 at the  Boynton Beach
 Mall in Boynton Beach Florida.

 The Hurricane Expo is a free, entertaining and informative event for the entire community. There was dozens of vendors on  display, representing private companies and government agencies, to take the mystery out of storm season preparation and make the homeworkfor family disaster planning a little easier.

Emergency / Public Safety Vendors included:

  • Palm Beach County SKYWARN

  • Palm Beach County ARES

  • Palm Beach County C.E.R.T.

  • Palm Beach County Government Agencies

  • West Palm Beach Amateur Radio Group

  • Boynton Beach C.E.R.T

 Local Severe Weather Business Vendors included ( PBC SKYWARN does not endorse any vendor

  • Home Depot

  • Army Navy Store(s)

  • Insurance Companies 

 The turn out was good and important information was given out and valuable "networking" took place between amateur radio,
 government agencies and private sector business.

 Here are some pictures of the event