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Live Amateur Radio Feeds


Caution: The audio will be real time with a few second delay and event information may contain raw data or unconfirmed information. 

Do not rely on this information as your only source. You should not provide information heard here as factual and you should still follow news and official local, state and federal statements and or warnings. Disclosing this information without confirmation could result in incorrect information being broadcasted and result in panic. This could be in violation of local, state and federal law(s). PBC Skywarn

is not responsible for content or status of streaming audio feeds.  

Use these links to listen to live amateur (ham) radio operations relating to:

  • SKYWARN / IRLP VoIP Weather Conference

  • Weather-(general)                                                                                                                              
  • Hurricane Operations
  • Atlantic Ocean Maritime Activities / Weather / Rescues  
  • Pacific Ocean Maritime Activities / Weather / Rescues
  • World Wide Disaster Relief. 

 For audio, click below SKYWARN logo. 

Click on below ON Air banner to go to 14300.Net streaming audio links. Scroll down at the 14.300 Nets header to see a description
and to learn more about each net.
Each net header is a link to their homepage so  you can check activity and activation status.

Some links will only be activated upon actual emergencies.

Note to Listeners. If activity is occurring in your area on 14300 net, you may not be able to hear area HF operators due to propagation.  You can select the audio links away from your  location and should be able to hear local HF operators. All 14300 net feeds are 20 meter  band radio signals received then relayed via internet. The quality of feed is based on environmental conditions or, propagation.

Check different feeds for best results or check back during the day as propagation will change during the day.The Skywarn VoIP and IRLP feeds should have good signal quality as most operators will be peer to peer (computer to computer) Most times will be given in UTC time .

What is SKYWARN ? click here
What is proagation ? click here
What is UTC ?
click here 


 NEW NOAA Streaming Radio Link

                    Live Local NOAA All Hazards Radio Links  

Location Station ID Frequency

West Palm Beach


Miami KHB34 162.475
Melborne WXJ70 162.550

Ft Myers

WXK83 162.475
Sarasota WWG59 162.400



       14.300 Nets  


       SKYWARN Audio 



 Hurricane Watch Net 


  IRLP Project


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