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The MMSN Santa Claus Networks



The Maritime Mobile Service Network 
20 m Santa Claus Net. 

Dec 23 & 24th
1900 UTC to 0000 UTC each day

Frequency Range: 20 meter -14.305 - 14.320
Check with the Maritime Mobile Service Net on 14300 MHz for the actual  Santa clause operating frequency.


This net was established over 35 years ago by W1KCY(SK) and allows children world wide to talk to Santa Claus via amateur radio. Check The Schedule 

QSL Cards by WX4PBC

Currently Special Event cards available through QSO with:


Santa Claus is coming to a receiver near you.

A Tribute to Clyde McAfee - KG4BVR

For years Clyde, KG4BVR, of Eightmile, Alabama, ran the Santa Claus Net on
 20 meters. Bob, AA4EE, has taken over for Clyde and is doing a great job!

The holidays are coming and the kids are starting to anticipate Christmas. Sometimes a great introduction to ham radio that entertains the younger set is to let them speak to Santa on the air.

Each year a 14300 MHz regular puts on what is known as a "Santa Claus Net" bringing volunteer Santa's into ham shacks and other places the world over.

Volunteer Santa's choose a clear frequency in the general portion of the 20 meter band and let it be known on 14300 khz where they'll be. Folks with youngsters to entertain can then tune in and give their youngsters a chance to talk with Santa over the air.

Sometimes lady ops will play Mrs.Claus to the delight of the children. What a great way to introduce the grandchildren to ham radio when visiting over the holidays. Let them talk to Santa Claus.

Explain how radio waves propagate on hf and tune to the twenty meter band to find Santa ready and waiting to hear from the kids

So, volunteer and spread some holiday cheer or check in with us with your children and visiting relatives.
We can always use "relay" stations too.

If you would like to volunteer, e-mail Bob-AA4EE at  
with the date and time slot you can take.

Check in as a Relay Station

Current Schedule: As of 11/21/12
  Click on call sign for QRZ station QTH & Beam heading information.

 Time: EST   /    UTC         Dec 23rd                    Dec 24th

2:00 pm               1900         AA4EE                       AA4EE  Slot open if interested

3:00 pm               2000         W1WCN                    W1WCN 

4:00 pm              
    Open                       Open
5:00 pm              
2200         KI4HRY                     KI4HRY 

6:00 pm            
   2300       WX4PBC                   WX4PBC

7:00 pm            
   0000           Open                         Open 

8:00 pm              
Depending on Band Opening
9:00 pm              
Depending on Band Opening 

If you would like to volunteer, e-mail Bob-AA4EE at with the date and time slot you can take.

West Palm Beach


Check out our PBC Skywarn / Shiner's Children's Santa QSO Party 

Skywarn /Shriner Children's Santa QSO Party
North Pole Station WX4PBC

Happy Holidays

PBC Skywarn

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