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Local SKYWARN Programs

 On-Line SKYWARN Stores
SKYWARN clothing, hats, tags, magnets & videos.

PBC SKYWARN provides on-line SKYWARN store links but makes no implied or expressed   endorsement for any business or product. Shop at your own risk. 

 S. E. Florida SKYWARN Amateur Radio Frequencies 

Palm Beach
146.670 -600 (PL 110.9)
147.225 +600 (PL 107.2)

Broward County
146.910 -600 (PL 110.9) 

146.7910 -600 (PL 110.9)

Miami-Dade County
147.000 -600

147.180 +600 (PL 156.7)
444.200 +5.0 (PL 94.8)

Martin County
147.060 (107.2)

Collier County
146.670 -600 (PL 136.5)

Okeechobee County
147.195 +600 (PL 100)


 Other Useful Frequencies 

Palm Beach County:

146.76 -600 (PL 110.9)

Belle Glade
147.120 + 600 (PL 110.9)


Amateur Radio VoIP SkyWarn Weather Net

EchoLink Node: Wx-Talk Conference
IRLP Node: Reflector 9219 

The Weekly VoIP Skywarn / Hurricane Prep Net is held on Sundays at
0000 UTC,  8:00 pm EST Saturday Evenings

You may join us by connecting to the * EchoLink WX-TALK conference server,* IRLP Reflector 9219 or to one of the backup systems if the main one goes down.

Please check in with us or at least monitor if you are able. To stay abreast of any new wx developments you may want to monitor this NET during hurricanes and possibly any other major severe weather events.

To access EchoLink or the IRLP programs, you must be a licensed amateur radio operator. 

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