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PBC SKYWARN visits the Stuart Hamfest

Ray Jaworski KI4RHL, invited Palm Beach County SKYWARN to attended the Stuart Hamfest held in the city of Stuart in Martin County Florida.

PBC SKYWARN Assistant Coordinator Ray Ruby WX4PBC and Sandy Ruby KJ4YZE attended and set up a display promoting the SKYWARN
program and the NWS. Ray and Sandy met new hams and reacquainted with old friends. One gentleman was 79 years old and has been a ham
for 63 years. In contrast, one interested young man was 13 years of age and wants to become a ham and a SKYWARN Spotter. He had many 
good questions on SKYWARN and ham radio. A local ham, Robert KJ4CWJ introduced this young man to ham radio and SKYWARN.

Ray attended a forum given by ARRL Emergency Preparedness and Response Manager Mike Corey- KI1U The topic was on EmComm
 with the premise being ,"Are You a known Quanity" The forum was very informative with some ideas to bring back.

PBC SKYWARN would like to thank Ray Jaworski and the Hamfest staff. The staff was very friendly and accommodating.



Sandy KJ4YZE  




Asst. Coordinator Ray Ruby WX4PBC

With  David Flower-K4DLF
ARRL Southern Florida Section Manager

Asst. Coordinator Ray Ruby WX4PBC

With 79 year old ham who became a ham at 16.
Do the math. That's right,63 years!

An up and coming

and SKYWARN Spotter
with guidance from Robert-KJ4CWJ

Keynote Speaker: Mike Corey -KI1U

ARRL Emergency Preparedness and Response Manager 

The Hamfest