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 Trainers Page

This page is for those involved with outdoor actives and who are responsible for the safety of people who attend  those activities. 

WARNING This page is not designed for you  to base your hazardous weather response on. Rather, it is to assist you along with your established hazardous weather protocols in making decisions for the safety of those attending your activity.

National Weather Service Radars

Miami NWS Radar   

 Melborne   NWS Radar

Florida Lightning Radar

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Live NOAA All Hazards Radio Audio Links

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Location Station ID Frequency

West Palm Beach


Miami KHB34 162.475
Melborne WXJ70 162.550

Ft Myers

WXK83 162.475
Sarasota WWG59 162.400

NWS VIDEO-CAST      Live NOAA Weather Radio  

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