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Glades County SKYWARN®



Hurricane Season is here. Are you prepared?......Glades County NWS Wx. Radio: Belle Glade Ch.-1 162.400.  Fort Myers Ch-3 162.475   Naples Ch-6  162.525   Glades County SAME Code 012043


 Location  Glades County Florida

NWS Service Area:  
NWS Miami

SKYWARN Coordinator: 
Angela Snow
     Glades County Emergency Management Director

Contact Information:
Angela Snow
 P.O. Box 1018
 Moore Haven, Florida 33471

Ph: 863-946-6021


 Glades County Web Links 

  Glades County Goverment click here

 Glades County Weather click here

 Glades County Emergency Links click here

 Glades County SKYWARN Classes click here

On-Line PBC Hurricane Guides: English  Spanish Courtesy of: Palm Beach County EOC


Glades County SKYWARN News 


06/11/11 The Glades County Guides are now available for download. You may now download the Glades County SKYWARN "Spotter's Field Guide" and the Glades County SKYWARN Information / Media brochure .

 Glades County SKYWARN Brouchures- Downloads

Note: The below brochures are in Adobe Reader PDF files. 


These brochures may be downloaded and used for personal and media use to promote the SKYWARN program.

Skywarn® and the Skywarn® logo are registered trademarks of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, used with permission.


Glades County SKYWARN Brochure Good Resource for Public Media

 This brochure contains information on :

  • What is SKYWARN

  • Who Can Join

  • How To Join

  • How To Obtain Training & Certification

  • Glades County SKYWARN Contact Information

  • About Glades County SKYWARN

Download Skywarn Informational Brochure


 Glades County SKYWARN Certified Spotter "Quick Guide
 Keep one in your car or "Go Bag"

This guide contains information on::

  • NWS Reporting Criteria

  • NWS Contact Information

  • Glades County SKYWARN Contact Information

  • So. Florida SKYWARN Amateur Radio Frequencies

  • SKYWARN websites

  • NOAA Emergency Radio Frequencies

Download PBC Skywarn Field Guide


  Palm Beach SKYWARN On Facebook

 Click to join PBCskywarn      

Visit Us On Facebook

The PBC SKYWARN is now on Facebook. The PBC SKYWARN Facebook site
is to enhance communication between SKYWARN volunteers. The site has 
discussion groups on:  

  • Current Weather

  • Weather related Q&A

  • PBC SKYWARN news

  • Web Site Up-dates

  • SKYWARN Amateur Radio

As a SKYWARN volunteer, you may post questions, answers and start a
SKYWARN or weather related topic. You may up-load and download 
SKYWARN or weather related pictures.  

You can now "keep in touch" with other SKYWARN volunteers. You can 
check for up-dates and information at your leisure which will minimize 
overloading your in-box with news group posts.  


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