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The Maritime Service Net's
 2011 Santa Claus Net
After Action Report

 Well, the Maritime Mobile Service Net's 20m 'Santa Claus Net' Dec-23rd & 24th was a great success. Thanks again to Bob AA4EE for keeping the net going. We had "Control Stations" and "Relay Stations" from coast to coast so, even with poor band condition, the net connected Santa with children of all ages across the world. This gave many "non-hams" their first taste of amateur radio.

Bob-AA4EE started the net each day at 1500 hrs (EST)2000hrs UTC on 14.325. Band conditions were very poor but improved during the 1900 and 2300 UTC net then would begin to deteriorate around 23000 hrs UTC each night. We received many relays from ongoing and off going net stations and volunteer stations. 

Band conditions not withstanding, Santa Claus spoke to children young and old and was able to get weather reports as he flew. The qso's were fun filled and educational. Santa disclosed the following.

  • He is approximately 600 years old

  • Chocolate Chips cookies are his favorite but, he is not picky!

  • He prefers that there be no fire in the fireplace during his visit.

  • He could not do all the things he does if it was not for Mrs. Claus and the elves.

  • He is active on the amateur bands during the Holidays and monitors the 14.300 nets often
    via their live streaming audio on the website.

  • He would like to thank the Maritime Service Net and Radio  Amateur Bob AA4EE for
    keeping the Santa Claus Net going each year along with all the net control and relay stations.

 The History of The Santa Claus Net  MMSN Website

Jacksonville Time Union News Paper Article on this years Santa Claus Net Featuring Joe W1WCN

 E-mails from radio amateurs supporting the Net

This years Santa Stations:

AA4EE Net Coordinator 

Joe-         W1WCN 

Ray-        WX4PBC

Mike-      WB7RBH        

Helen-    KF7QNS      

Shawn-  KI4HRY   

Felix-     W5PES

We hope to hear from you next year and I am sure Bob will be looking for volunteers for Santa to visit to QSO with the children. And, as Santa told me, "If you can't contact me by e-mail, phone or even text, all you need do is call CQ..Santa..CQ..Santa..CQ..CQ..CQ DX. 

73, Ray


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