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 AMARA Shriners / PBC SKYWARN Childrens Christmas QSO Party 2011  
From The North Pole Gazette
Filed by WX4PBC 12/11/2011

The 1st annual Shriners Children’s "QSO" Party was held on Sunday December 11th, 2011 during their annual AMARA Temple Christmas Party for the local children under the Shriners medical care program. This year amateur radio operators or "ham" members with the Palm Beach County SKYWARN program teamed up with the Shriners to give the children an opportunity to "speak" with Santa Claus via amateur radio.

The event started with PBC SKYWARN amateur radio operators Ray Ruby WX4PBC, Steve Wiesen KE4JAR and Jeff Hepburn KI4BQB assembling a special “Santenna” with the children  used to make contact with Santa at his North Pole QTH (Toy Land). Grid Sq. AA00aa

The “Santenna” is a 2m ½ wave vertical antenna (facsimile) made from special conductive candy cane material. The antenna was connected to the KE4JAR station with Santa Grade RG316/U candy cane coax. The SWR was a bit high but the signal was 5/9 and reports of very sweet audio. 

As Steve and Jeff worked the children’s station KE4JAR, Ray was sent to the North Pole and worked Santa’s departure and flight as station WX4PBC from a reindeer proof ammo can “Go Box”.

All the boys and girls spoke with Santa in flight. Somewhere over the Rockies, while speaking to a young lady named Christine, Santa informed her he had to make a “Pit Stop” for Rudolph. Later during the party prior to Santa’s arrival, Christine wanted to know if she could call Santa again to check on Rudolph. Little Christine was relieved when she heard over the ham radio, Santa and Rudolph were on “Final Approach” and would be landing soon.

Upon getting a weather report and landing instructions via Steve over the radio, Santa and crew along with all the gifts landed safely at the temple on time. 

At the temple, Santa made his rounds visiting all the children
and gave each child a gift and a “I spoke to Santa” T-shirt and a Special Event QSL card commemorating their in-flight QSO with Santa Claus.

As Santa left, he was heard to say. “Merry Christmas To All and To All A Good Night” and then added “Give me a call during my flight” If you can’t get through by phone or  by text…Call CQ…CQ.....CQ DX.   

PBC SKYWARN would like to thank the AMARA Temple Shriners for helping and allowing us to participate in this years party and look forward to what we hope will be an annual event.

The Santenna

Santa's "Go Kit"

From L to R
   NCO Steve KE4JAR         ANCO Jeff KI4BQB

Santa's Helpers-Ladies of The Shrine (LOS) QSL Card Division

Santa's QSL Card


Santa and Helper-Ladies of The Shrine (LOS) Elf Division

Photo's By: Shirley & Sandy KJ4YZE

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CQ Santa...CQ Santa 

"Santa, give me my signal report please"

My QTH is  North Pole Station WX4PBC

Santa, You are 5/9

Ok Santa, How tall is a full wave Santenna ?

I went to the event and got the shirt

Ho...Ho...Ho...Santa is watching the show

Post Script; As you can see, the children learned a little "Ham Speak" along the way. 

I would like to thank the below named volunteers for their assistance for which this Special Event could not have happened.

Maurice Dake                 K9EE PBC SKYWARN Coordinator
Sandy Ruby                     KJ4YZE Camera Crew 
Shirley (Ruby) Simmons  Camera Supplier / Tech Advisor
Steve Wiesen                  KE4JAR / NCO & Tech Advisor
Jeff  Hepburn                   KI4BQB / ANCO & Tech Advisor

Brian Price                       Event Liaison

Ladies of the Shrine (LOS) 
Sharon Sherman             High Priestess  
Charlene Moreland         Princess
Susan Fischer                 Lady

and of COURSE...SANTA & Crew

  Merry Christmas and 73, Ray WX4PBC

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